Why choose Moons' ?

MOONS' is one of the largest integrated manufacturers within China and a global leading supplier of motion control systems and intelligent lighting products, including stepper motors, servo motors, brushless dc motors, drives, controllers, gearheads and condition monitoring systems.

MOONS' continuously develops products that conserve energy, are more convenient and efficient in utilization and application, bringing assurance to the customers and creating values for them.

MOONS' products guarantee high quality with fair prices.

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MOONS' Taicang Plant successfully launched

On September 30, 2022, MOONS' Taicang Plant was successfully launched and officially put into operation!

Moons' Taicang Plant
MOONS' Taicang Plant is located at Taicang Port with convenient transportation, it covers an area of 150 mu (about 10.005 hectares) and a total construction area of around 120,000 m2. It's mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of stepper motors, brushless DC motors, Servo motors, Servo drives, intelligent LED drivers, power supplies and harness. Once in full production, it would double the manufacturing capacity in the new factory than MOONS' Shanghai facility.

MOONS' Taicang Plant's launch and operation mark a new starting point and this new environmentally-friendly factory will enhance the ability of MOONS' to grow the business substantially, and for sure will support the long-term development of MOONS'.

Founding of MOONS' ROBOT LTD., CO.

To enhance the comprehensive strength of MOONS' in intelligent linear actuators, industrial automation control systems and high-end equipment, MOONS' ROBOT LTD., CO. was founded in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province in December 2021.

The new subsidiary will boost the core competitiveness of MOONS' in electric automation manufacturing, help MOONS' develop into an integrated provider of system-level motion control solutions, and create greater value for MOONS' and its customers!

Shanghai MOONS’ Electric Acquires Technosoft Motion

On March 13th (local time), MOONS' Electric (hereafter referred to as MOONS') and the shareholders of Technosoft Motion, Mr. Luciano Antognini and Mr. Liviu Kreindler, completed the transfer of shareholding rights in Switzerland. Technosoft Motion became a wholly owned subsidiary of MOONS'. MOONS' is a worldwide leading manufacturer of motion products. With our faith ”Closer To Customers”, MOONS' has continuously worked on creating and upgrading its operating network that reaches the globe by integrating research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service all together. Technosoft Motion - Moons'

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MDX Integrated Servo Motors

Moons' introduce a new series of cost-effective, integrated servo motors, which provides greater design modularity and simplicity for a wide range of applications such as:


• Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

• Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

• Packaging Machinery

• Specialty Machines

• And many more...


Moons' MDX Integrated Servo Motors

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