The goal of MOONS' has always been to develop energy efficient products and to participate in environmental protection activities. We continually strive to make products that are more useful, reliable, energy saving, and efficient. Our production processes follow the ISO14001 environmental management system, for the mutual benefit of MOONS' and our customers. In addition, we work hard to control various environmental factors, protect the environment from pollution, and provide green products for society.

Employees are the most valuable resource in a company and MOONS' remains people-oriented by providing employees with a safe, healthy, comfortable and harmonious working environment, as well as plenty of room for development. MOONS' has met the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, which provides specific guidelines for the control of occupational health and safety risks. In addition, MOONS' actively carrys out corporate social responsibility activities. We make every effort to be an outstanding manufacturing enterprise in China that promotes social progress and achieves sustainable development.

Based on laws and regulations

In compliance with national and local laws, regulations and other requirements concerning environmental protection, MOONS' has developed and implemented a comprehensive specification of environmental and occupational health. All associates are involved in the management and control of this specification; in the process they improve their own awareness and ability. In addition, they are trained to follow and implement the specifications.


As a people-oriented company, MOONS' policy is to always put people's safety, health and development at the forefront by adhering to the work safety policy of "safety first, prevention first". To carry out the idea of “human resources are the primary resources”, we work to implement effective training, and to improve our employees’ knowledge, skills, and safety.

Focus on green

As an environmentally conscious company, we work to improve product design in order to produce environmentally responsible products. Through green procurement and improved designs, we are able to provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly, high-quality products.

Controlling risk

We strictly monitor our environmental protection facilities to ensure all emissions meet environmental standards. Through the use of security technology, safe operating practices, and emergency prevention, we minimize the risks to our company staff and plant, as well as to the community, of any environmental hazard.

Saving power and increasing profit

We work hard to minimize our consumption of energy and raw materials. When improving or changing existing products, we take care to reduce unnecessary scrap and to use environmentally friendly materials. We classify the waste generated in all sections of our facilities, and commission recyclers in-line with national regulations to process it.

Prevention and improving

MOONS’ continually endeavors to improve the relationships with our customers, suppliers, and all other relevant parties. By participating in social activities concerning environmental and occupational health and safety, we feel we can make a contribution to society. The pursuit of solid management performance and the continuous improvement of our management system is our unending goal.