JUN. 2015 MOONS’ acquired Lin Engineering
NOV. 2014 MOONS’ and PBC Linear announced a joint venture together at China International Industry Fair 2014
JUN. 2014 MOONS' acquired Applied Motion Products
MAR. 2014 MOONS' Industries Japan was established in Shin-Yokohama
MAR. 2014 MOONS’ Guangzhou Branch Office opened
OCT. 2013 MOONS’ Ningbo Branch Office opened
DEC. 2012 MOONS’ Xi’an Branch Office opened
JUN. 2012 MOONS’ Chengdu Branch Office opened
AUG. 2011 MOONS' Wuhan Branch Office opened
JUL. 2010 MOONS' Industries (South-East Asia) Pte Ltd. was established in Singapore
MAY. 2010 MOONS' Industries (Europe) S.R.L was established in Milan, Italy
JAN. 2009 MOONS' Qingdao Branch Office opened
MAR. 2008 MOONS' PM Stepper Motor production started
FEB. 2007 MOONS' established joint venture with Applied Motion Products and a driver company was set up
JUL. 2006 MOONS' Nanjing Branch Office opened
MAY. 2006 MOONS' new facility was built and factory relocation was completed
JAN. 2005 First LED Driver was introduced to the market
SEP. 2002 MOONS' Beijing Branch Office opened
APR. 2002 MOONS' Industries (America), Inc. was established in Chicago, USA
OCT. 2001 MOONS' Shenzhen Branch Office opened
NOV. 2000 MOONS' Wiring Harness Factory was set up and put into production
OCT. 2000 MOONS' Power Supply Factory was set up and operation started
APR. 1998 MOONS' International Trading Company was established
FEB. 1998 MOONS' Motor Factory was set up and HB Stepper Motor production started
AUG. 1997 MOONS' Mini-Detective Polling System was introduced to the Chinese market
FEB. 1994 MOONS' was founded