Customer oriented and the pursuit of excellence

Our values, be Customer-Oriented and engaged in the Pursuit of Excellence. These principles have laid a solid foundation for MOONS' 10-plus years of growth, development and success.

Customer oriented is our business foundation

• Customer is a long-term business partner to MOONS’rather than a buyer;
• We explore customers’ demands actively, respond them quickly and offer professional services to surpass their expectations;
• We are committed to research and development providing latest technologies and improving the quality of products. In the process of providing services, we help the customers create sustainable values with deep technology accumulation and rich industry experience.

The pursuit of excellence is our mission

The pursuit of excellence is not a slogan! The diligent and enterprising character of MOONS’ team reinforces the slogan of Moving in Better Ways to push MOONS’ to forge ahead on the road of excellence.

Never give up, keep moving forward, try our best and make it better. MOONS’ team deals with every work detail with high standard, strict management and continually upgrading expertise, targeted at creating first class products and services.

To demostrate our commitment to our community and our customers, MOONS' has adopted as our official slogan:
"Moving in Better Ways". These words have three meanings to MOONS':

As an integrated manufacturer of high-quality motion control products, our purposes are

• To optimize the motor design, engineering and manufacturing
• To enhance our process and quality control
• To provide more efficient, energy-saving motion control products and solutions for customers around the world

As an ambitious and enterprising company, MOONS' goal is to never stop improving our processes and increasing our efficiency

• We study scientifically proven management ideas
• We pursue advanced technology and high-level managerial talent
• We regularly review our existing management systems and our operational methods
• We are continually improving our management process and organizational systems
   We believe these endeavors enable us to maintain strong presence in a competitive market.

As a united and growing team, we encourage all MOONS' employees

• To incorporate the idea of "Moving in Better Ways" into the performance of their daily jobs, enhancing their value in the workplace.
• To improve their professional skills, and to expand their potential for personal development.