Moons' introduce a new series of cost-effective, integrated servo motors, which provides greater design modularity and simplicity for a wide range of applications such as:


• Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

• Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

• Packaging Machinery

• Specialty Machines

• And many more...


Moons' MDX Integrated Servo Motors

MDX Integrated Servo Motors reduce the number of system components, eliminate bulky motor cables, free valuable space, simplify the bill of materials, enable faster design cycles, and save money over conventional servo motor and drive systems.


• Programmable, digital servo driver and motor in an integrated package

• 200W and 400W versions with IP20 or IP65 protection available

• Operates from a 24 to 60 volt DC power supply

• Control modes: Torque control

* Analog input

* SCL commanded Velocity control

* Fixed velocity

* Analog velocity

* SCL commanded Position control

* Digital signal type Step & Direction, CW & CCW pulse, A/B Quadrature

• Analog position


• Serial commanded position Communication control

* RS485 (support Modbus)

• Q Programming - Stand alone operation

• Communications: RS-485, CANopen, Modbus/RTU